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SADŌ – The world of SEN-NO-RIKYŪ (Part 1)

Around the end of October, in the deep autumn season, it is the time to enjoy reading books and appreciating arts in Japan. So there are many art festivals, tea ceremonies and flower exhibitions held here and there. This time, I’d like to talk about Japanese tea ceremony called “SADŌ” (or “CHA-NO-YU”), its history and …


The pride of Japanese people

Hi everyone! In Japan, there was a remarkable, fairy tale like event this month. It is a wedding between a bride from Imperial family and a groom from the most famous Shinto priest family. The bride’s name is Noriko Takamadonomiya, 26-year-old second daughter of the late Prince Takamado who was a cousin of current Emperor. …


CHŌYŌ NO SEKKU (Chrysanthemum Festival)

Hello everyone! Today, I will introduce one of the five seasonal festivals in Japan, “CHŌYŌ NO SEKKU”. CHŌYŌ NO SEKKU is also known as “KIKU NO SEKKU (Chrysanthemum Festival)” which takes place on September 9th every year. We have 4 seasons in a year in Japan but why it’s one of the “FIVE seasonal festivals”? The …



Hi everyone!   Today, I’d like to introduce a Japanese book written by my KIMONO master: Naoyuki Kanzaki. The title of this book is “KIMONOGATARI – NOKOSHITAI MONO, KODAWARI NO KOKORO” (The tale of KIMONO – Things we want to leave to later generations and the dedication to it). In this book, he says: “Thinking …


OBON Festival

Konnichiwa everyone! Have you ever heard a Japanese word “OBON”? “OBON” is a shortened form of Buddhist festival “URABONĒ” and held in July or August in Japan to welcome, honor and send the spirits of one’s ancestors. In general, OBON starts from July (or August) 13th by burning a welcome fire called “MUKAE-BI” at the …

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TŌHAI-SAI and Japanese mountain worship

Hello everyone! As I mentioned a little bit in my profile page, I am living in TOCHIGI prefecture of which a city called “NIKKO” is famous for its temples and shrines registered all together as UNESCO World Heritage in December 1999. Last week, I participated in a MATSURI called “TŌHAI-SAI” of “FUTARASAN Shrine (Mt. FUTARA …


A Shinto Matsuri in KITSUREGAWA

Hello everyone! Now, it is the highest of summer in Japan, that festivals (MATSURIs) are being held here and there. Of all MATSURIs, a Shinto MATSURI is an important religious event  for worship. During this event, the Divinity(s) who resides usually in each local shrine makes a tour of the area once a year, taking …



Hi everyone, how are you? As you might have noticed already, the sub-title of this blog is “Inspired by Yamato Gokoro”. Do you know what does “Yamato Gokoro” mean? It means the spirituality or character that more or less we Japanese have deep inside of our hearts from ancient times. It is not too much …

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