kokujiOn a fine autumn day around the end of September, I visited at an exhibition for carving characters (KOKUJI-TEN 刻字展) with my clients.

Carving works of calligraphy in wood changes it into 3 dimensional art works.
In Japan, it is often used as a door plate or signboard.



We also had a lunch at a hotel before the exhibition.

As you can see in the photos, my clients also wore KIMONO!

The right in the photo below is unlined AI-ZOME (Indigo Dyeing) KIMONO with designs by RŌKETSU-ZOME (Batik Dyeing).


The left is unlined IROMUJI (plane color KIMONO) with SHARE-MON on the back.
Her OBI has motif of “SUSUKI” (Japanese pampas grass).




3-kimonosI wore SHŌZAN-NAMA-TSUMUGI with OBI with rabbit motif that I wore in the past article.

In the exhibition, my calligraphy teacher’s work titled “YUME UTA (夢唄)” (literally, “Dream Song”) was awarded the semi-grand prize of TOCHIGI Prefecture.


We spent a very fun day together in KIMONO!