During the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics held in August, Japanese team won the most medals it ever could.
The medals were mainly won in the events of our country’s specialty: judo, gymnastics, wrestling, badminton and swimming.

As Rio is very far from Japan being located almost at the opposite side of the planet, I guess it was very hard for the athletes due to the totally different climate, customs and cultures.

Well, the next 2020 Olympics is going to be held in our country in Tokyo.

Today, what I would like to talk about is the KIMONO that Tokyo Governor YURIKO KOIKE was wearing when she received the Olympic Flag at the closing ceremony on behalf of Japan.

yuriko-koikeHer KIMONO is “IRO-TOMESODE of RINZU” (綸子:Japanese silk satin damask) which has several white cranes bordered with golden threads.

Since there was no design on the chest and sleeves, probably it is IRO-TOMESODE with fly front and with one or three crest(s) (I am not sure if there were crests on the back side of the sleeves)

I thought she had very nice taste and it was absolutely best choice as it is formal, not too flashy nor too simple, with elegant rose beige base color with golden OBI.

flagThere might be some arguments in wearing KIMONO in the closing ceremony which some people may regard as a fun festival, however I was touched by her attire because for me, she looked she had thought it was a good opportunity to show people around the world that we Japanese valuing the courtesy and OMOTENASHI are ready to be the next venue.