4 pleasures of KIMONO

KIMONO which is Japan’s national costume.
In wearing it, there are surprisingly many points to consider compared to other country’s costumes in the world so that you have to get over lots of hurdles.

KIMONO is expensive and it is difficulty to wear first, then we have many rules to take care of such as choice of KIMONO based on the time, place and occasion and the postures in it…really a lot to learn!

So, it’s not as if just any Japanese has knowledge of KIMONO and wear it usually.

However, if we avoided wearing it as seen now, we would lose, no doubt, this beautiful, traditional and artistic costume making it obsolete.

I understand that the modern apparel market has glutted with plenty of fast-fashion clothes, and that every person has his/her own taste.

All of which made me wonder what kind of meanings we can find in KIMONO in the modern age and I will like to point out following “4 pleasures of KIMONO”.

  1. Pleasure to SEE

pleasure-to-seeIt’s a fun to visit KIMONO shop and imagine what kind of KIMONO will suit you, trying on some with advice by the shop owner talking about what kinds of OBI or accessories should be worn together.

  1. Pleasure to BUY

kimono1When you decided your KIMONO then it’s time to purchase!
It’s a bit expensive so wondering if I could afford it…but finally you make up your mind because it is formal and can be worn in almost any occasions and in generations.

  1. Pleasure to STORE

chestThe KIMONO you had chosen was tailored for you now. Yes, you made it, and it looks really nice!
You put it preciously in your chest wondering when to wear, maybe in a coming tea ceremony or in the next wedding party for my friend?Maybe you want to admire it once again a while after storing it.

Only thinking of your lovely KIMONO in your chest, which makes you happy.

  1. Pleasure to WEARE

kimono-2Now that the occasion arrived to you to wear your KIMONO!
You take it out slowly out of your chest and maybe want to practice to wear once before the day. Looking at the mirror, you feel that you are really nice in it finding a different YOU there.




Today, not a few Japanese people live life without knowing such an attracting world of KIMONO while it is Japanese national costume.

Such fascinating dimension of the world can be discovered only by knowing KIMONO.