KONO ShrineMOTOISE KONO Shrine” is my most revering shrine that I visit more than ten times per year, of which I already wrote in my past article.

Last October, I visited there again with my husband as I was informed by the shrine that pine tree seeds dropped from pine trees in the shrine’s precinct have well sprouted now so the shrine is offering them to its parishioners.

As I believe that this pine tree baby was a gift from the god of KONO Shrine and so as to get rooted in my area and bring happiness, I decided to make a special event for planting it in my garden waiting for the spring comes.

The event was held April 1, 2016 which was one of the auspicious days in the month and indeed a very fine day, not too cold or hot and almost no wind.

All the guestsI also invited some of my KIMONO clients who had visited the shrine before. 
They all attended wearing KIMONO.

PlantingIn the beginning of the event, I recited a Shinto prayer then planted the seedling pine tree by hand in the place specially prepared for it.



One by one, each guest bowed in front of the baby tree and offered a branch of the sacred tree called “TAMAGUSHI” mentioned here too and added a portion of soil by hand.


Pine tree







In the end, we covered the surrounding area by white cobble stones.

A pine tree is considered as an antenna for a god to target when descending to the ground.

This is an only plant just sprouted, but has more meaning than that as it is a child bestowed from the shrine with long history.

The enshrined gods of this shrine are “TOYOUKE-NO-ŌMIKAMI” and “HIKOHOAKARI-NO-MIKOTO” so to which we prayed for the prosperity and protection by finishing this event.

NAORAIAfter the event, we had a special lunch together which is called “NAORAI”, also a Shinto ritual which means by eating foods together with gods, we realize oneness with the gods.