UROKO Pattern

UROKO Pattern (scale pattern)

I wrote an article concerning “UROKO Pattern” (a scale pattern) the other day in the KIMONO Column (check this out for the article!)

Since then, the message in the book “the scale pattern by triangles is a mark of the goddess called BENZAI-TEN” had been somehow sticking in the back of my mind.

So, I looked up the connection between them and knew that the goddess BENZAI-TEN is equivalent to the Shinto’s goddess “ICHIKISHIMA-HIME-NO-MIKOTO”.


A shot from the KASAMATSU Part (the islands can be slightly seen)

And to my surprise, the ICHIKISHIMA-HIME-NO-MIKOTO is also equal to the Shinto goddess “HIKOIRATSUME-NO-MIKOTO” who is enshrined in an island called “KUTSU-JIMA” which is located in almost the same area as the “KONO-SHRINE” that I most revere, and visit quite often though it’s located very far from my home! (I wrote several times about KONO-Shrine in this blog if you remember)

HIKOIRATSUME-NO-MIKOTO is said to be a wife of another Shinto god “AME-NO-HOAKARI-NO-MIKOTO” who is enshrined in the nearby island called “KANMURI-JIMA”.
In the photo above, these two islands can be prayed at from a worship place in KASAMATSU Park located close to the KONO-Shrine in AMANO-HASHIDATE region.


The couple of two gods is on a boat in EMA

The “EMA” (votive horse tablet) of the KONO-Shrine pictures this couple on it.

Understanding now that BENZAI-TEN = ICHIKISHIMA-HIME-NO-MIKOTO = HIKOIRATSUME-NO-MIKOTO, I translated all these things happened to me as:

The goddess I feel a strong tie with among all those millions of gods, is telling me I bring happiness to my clients through KIMONO with this scale pattern!

By this, I was so convinced why during my KIMONO exhibition “OBON Fair” held in August, the scale pattern KIMONOs were purchased by almost all the clients visited.

I am sure now that these KIMONOs will bring happiness to the owners!

Shortly after this episode in the summer 2015, a good-luck came to me as well !?


My husband and me in UROKO KIMONO (in front of the KONO Shrine)

It happened when I visited KONO-Shrine on September 9th, to go there, I dressed in my scale pattern KIMONO.


The area in red is the place I visited

The day was weather-forecast to be a terrible because the massive typhoon No. 18 was supposed to hit the area.

I visited to the shrine this time in order to attend an annual major set of rites & festivals.

In the morning, the region was within the rainstorm however at 11 AM when the event started, it calmed down with slight rains and no wind.

Then in the afternoon, it turned to be a fine day with some sun-shrines even!

On the high-way to return from AMANO-HASHIDATE area to KYOTO city, I could see even super blue sky from the wind of my car!


Dragon coiling up Mt.FUJI (?!)

And also, when in SHINKAN-SEN (bullet-train) from KYOTO to TOKYO, I saw the Mt.FUJI surrounded by a dragon cloud! (see the picture, it looks a dragon coiling up the mountain, or only my optical illusion?)

The river in the picture is called “FUJI-GAWA” and at that time, the water level was very high, but luckily my train didn’t stop and I was able to arrive at home safely.

These mysterious things happened to me one after another made me more and more confirm the invisible existence, which I think by myself was thanks to the scale pattern KIMONO!