hinameguriThis year too, HINA-MATSURI (Dolls Festival) season has arrived in Japan.

As introduced in the past article, my city holds an event called “(HINA DOLLS TOUR in UJIIE area)” every year in this season and this year, it is 13th event.

trainIt is getting more and more famous and thanks to special trains running during weekends, many tourists come up even from Tokyo.


hina dollsContinuing last year, I also toured and admired a lot of HINA DOLLs standing, sitting, hanging and made by CHIRIMEN-ZAIKU in the shops. 

with customer


One of my KIMONO customers was also displaying her dolls.

old hina doll1



old hina doll2





This (the photos above and left) is very old, said to be made 100 years ago.







And this (right) is very rare one, “GOSHO-ZUKURI (御所づくり)”, meaning “Imperial Palace Style”.


my hina dolls At my home, I also displayed my HINA dolls.

my hina dolls 2







HINA-MATSURI is also called “MOMO-NO-SEKU (桃の節句)”, literally means “peach festival” or “peach blossom festival”.

peachIt is convincing why a peach is for girls. Its sweet aroma, lovely pink color and round shape really symbolize a woman and suitable to the girl’s festival.


Even at my age, HINA-MATSURI makes me very excited and feel that the spring has come!