mapTo see a beautiful snowscape, I visited KRUIZAWA with my husband and father last month.

KARUIZAWA is a city located between NAGANO and GUNMA prefectures and known as a summer resort.

Since the beginning of MEIJI period where lots of foreign people or intellectuals built their second houses, KARUIZAWA has been a prestigious resort city.

mikasa hotel


First, we visited a hotel called “KYŪ-MIKASA HOTEL (旧三笠ホテル)” which is currently listed as one of the important cultural properties of Japan. Since its opening in 1906, this hotel has been loved by numerous famous cultural and financial players in Japan as a specimen of purely western architecture being called as “ROKUMEI-KAN (鹿鳴館)” of KARUIZAWA.

We found the building very beautiful making an awesome contrast with the snow.


A photo taken 30 years ago

Then we visited another hotel called “HOTEL OTOWA-NO-MORI (ホテル音羽の森)” for the first time in over 10 years. This hotel is very special for our couple because we had a wedding ceremony there more than 10 years ago!








A chapel besides the hotel is still existing and almost no change, which made us so nostalgic and brought the good old memories.


A photo taken after 30 years…!



When we were taking a walk around the hotel, the manager of hotel found us and talked to us. Explaining our memory, he was very surprised and kindly offered as a shot in front of the chapel” Thereafter, he also invited us inside the hotel lounge, very nice of him!




In front of HOTEL KARUIZAWA 1130

After that, we checked in a resort hotel called “HOTEL KARUIZAWA 1130” located in the north of KARUIZAWA.

mt asama1


See some photos of mountains in KARUIZAWA. Here the most famous is Mt. ASAMA which is 2,568 high known as one of the greatest active volcanos in the world. It is not too much to say that the majestic figure of Mt. ASAMA is as beautiful as Mt. FUJI.



Once it took 5-6 hours by car from my home in TOCHIGI prefecture, now it takes only 3 hours thanks to a well-established highways.

mt asama2Compared to vast countries such as United States or China, Japanese archipelago is small and easy to access almost everywhere by those highways, so just two days trip is good enough.


Following day, we checked out the hotel at 10AM, and dropped by the main street of KARUIZAWA called “KYŪ-KARU (旧軽)” on the way to home.


A pair of table cloth from ŌSHIRO lace shop



There are many nice shops found along with the street and of them, we entered into a lace fabric shop called “ŌSHIRO LACE SHOP (大城レース店)”, should be love by many women.

I bought some cute table clothes there.




Then, we also dropped by FUJIOKA rest area on the highway for lunch and headed back home.

 It became a small but good present for my father who has reached 94 years old this year!