HAN-ERI peeped out of the KIMONO around the neck

HAN-ERI is a decorative collar to be sewed on NAGA-JUBAN (long KIMONO underwear, see here for the past article).

For KIMONO funs, it is one of the most attractive KIMONO items charmingly being peeped out around a neck.

Today, let’s discover what kind of collars are suitable to what kind of KIMONOs ranging from formal KIMONO to casual KIMONO.



* See the past article here for “IROTOMESODE” and “KUROTOMESODE”.



These KIMONOs are considered as the first rank KIMONO, white HAN-ERI is the best.

When you wear IROTOMESODE at a wedding party, being invited as one of the main guests, your KIMONO itself should be very high-grade, so a white HAN-ERI will match the best.


Also for KUROTOMESODE which is worn by a mother or female family members of the host (bride or groom), a white HAN-ERI is the standard color.

Now, why other colors than white are No Good here for formal KIMONOs?

Thinking of the word “ERI (collar)” of HAN-ERI, I think Japanese people put importance on collars in general.

There is a Japanese expression, “ERI WO TADASU (straighten up your collar)” which means “straighten up yourself”.

So, keeping your collar correct is to show your respect to others.



HANERI 4* See the past article here for “HŌMONGI”.

HAN-ERI which is not very gaudy should be suitable in order not to interrupt the design of the KIMONOs.
So, a white based with embroidery by white, gold or silver threads will be good, especially for unmarried 20-40 women or young mothers.



HANERI 5* See the past article here for “IROMUJI”.

Since this KIMONO has no design or patterns, you can enjoy a wide variety of HAN-ERIs.

However when you wear it as a guest in a formal occasion like a wedding ceremony (IROMUJI can be also worn in a formal situation as it can be considered as a semi-formal KIMONO), it is better no to use too flashy HAN-ERI.

HANERI 6A white based with embroidery by pastel color threads will be good as it shows politeness and elegance at the same time.




When you wear IRO-MUJI at a less formal party like a lunch/dinner gatherings, you can go a bit adventurous.
White or other color based with embroidery by darker color threads, etc will be acceptable.


For casual KIMONOs like “KOMON” or “TSUMUGI”

HANERI 8* See the past article here for “KOMON” and “TSUMUGI”.

Almost no limit, so you can enjoy a wide variety of HAN-ERIs such as hand-painted ones, with your favorite embroidery designs (seasonal plants, animals, etc)


How did you find HAN-ERI?

HAN-ERI is a quite conspicuous part of KIMONO, so if you choose a wrong one, it could give unrefined and less elegant impression to others.

It might sound difficult, but why don’t you just challenge from the one with casual KIMONOs!