Full MoonEnd of September, amid the Japanese autumn season, looking up into the night sky, clearly shinning moon can be seen.

Japanese people admire the moon of this month with special sentiment, especially the full moon called “CHŪSHŪ NO MEIGETSU (中秋の名月) which appears on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar.

This year, it fell on the 27th of September.

My picture

The full-moon 2015 (taken by my camera)

The sky was slightly cloudy, but it was also tasteful.


The  offerings made to the full-moon

Traditionally, pampas grasses, sweet rice dumplings and Japanese rice wine (SAKE) are offered up to the moon.

In this day, viewing the moon, people drink together and enjoy dinner…very unique custom naturally generated by Japanese mind, which tries to appreciate at most the elegance of each season.

I also held a moon-watching party inviting some of my clients.

Rabbit in the moonWhen it comes to the moon, rabbit is indispensable, because the shade on the full-moon looks like a rabbit pounding MOCHI (rice cake).

In my childhood, I also believed that on the moon, rabbits were making rice cakes, so “moon” and “rabbit” are inseparable.


Some items from my rabbit collection







So, together with the offerings made to the moon mentioned above, I decorated several things related to rabbit.
* For the rabbit items of handmade CHIRIMEN-ZAIKU, please check
here my Gallery page!



Now, the party gets started!

My guests




This time, I invited 3 clients.

Clockwise from left, M.M-san, K.O-san and K.M-san.

Thank you again for being my guest!




For the special meals, I cooked: Sandwich, pasta salad with mozzarella cheese, SUSHI, roast beef, spring roll, shredded Chinese yams with full-moon like round Quail egg.
For the dishes, you can also see the details in the Gallery page!


Since it is September, our clients dressed up in unlined KIMONOs.


KO-sanK.O-san wears a TSUMUGI of mocha color with vertical stripes.

Her OBI is black based with rabbit and moon patterns.


OBI-AGE with gourd patterns






K.M-san’s KIMONO is summer AKAGI-TSUMUGI which is slightly see-through.

Her OBI is lovely dots pattern and the gourd patterns of her OBI-AGE are seen out of the OBI!








And M.M-san, she wears light-blue unlined KIMONO of OMESHI (silk crape).

My Kimono



Finally myself,  unlined SHŌZAN NAMA TSUMUGI which appeared in the past article with OBI with rabbit pattern.

My guest liked the OBI-DOME in the shape of moon decorated with lamina of mother-of-pearl.




MANJUAfter the dinner, we talked together until late at night enjoying rabbit-shaped MANJŪ (steamed bun with a bean-jam filling) with green tea!