Hello everyone!

I went to KYOTO with my clients: O-san and M-san the other day.


(From the left) M-san, O-san and myself in front of KIKUNOI

We had lunch together at very famous and prestigious Japanese restaurant called “KIKUNOI” in KYOTO.

Usually I don’t dare to select such expensive restaurant, but this time I took the plunge and booked a table for us because my client were so gorgeous in KIMONO!




In the restaurant, all the rooms are private with small garden, it is just like KIKUNOI!

And the foods were local cuisine of KYOTO called “KYŌ-RYŌRI (京料理)” which puts importance on generating the natural taste of each ingredient and attracting people by its delicate, sensitive and artistic way of cooking!

Lunch at KIKUNOIMy clients also look so happy!!!

This time, both O-san and M-san wore a HŌMONGI made of TSUMUGI called “SHŌZAN NAMA TSUMUGI”

SHŌZAN NAMA TSUMUGI (しょうざん生紬):  the only TSUMUGI produced in KYOTO, and this time my clients hoped to wear KIMONOs related to KYOTO and asked me for the coordination.


O-san’s KIMONO


M-san’s KIMONO

For O-san, it is the KIMONO with “CHAYATSUJI GARA” pattern with purple and yellow color.

CHAYATSUJI GARA (茶屋辻柄) : a very delicate pattern of waterside scenery.

Her OBI is grayish with an OBI-DOME (OBI band) with green jade.

For M-san, again a KIMONO with CHAYATSUJI GARA pattern with pink and beige color.

M-san’s OBI is woven by a weaving method called “WANA ORI” using yarns dyed by purple dye called “KAIMURASAKI”.




WANA ORI (輪奈織) : A method of weaving using very slim cooper wires to be involved over the weaving process. When the process is finished, take out the wires so that the parts where the wires were placed slightly rise by the loops.


KAIMURASAKI (貝紫): Coloring agents for Royal Purple color made from secretions taken out of internal organ (Hypobranchial gland, also known as Purple grand) of a sea snail in the Muricidae family.

In Japan, Purple has been respected from ancient times and only highest-ranking people were allowed to wear in purple at the time of “SHŌTOKU TAISHI” (聖徳太子, or Prince SHŌTOKU, a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the ASUKA period in Japan)

In the West, the color Royal Purple is said to have been loved by Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar as well.


Well well, the SHŌZAN NAMA TSUMUGI is also my favorite, especially with the CHAYATSUJI GARA pattern.

This attracts people’s attention but not too outstanding among people in KIMONOs, being not too formal but have enough presence in any situations.

You can wear it in official celebrating events or parties, exhibitions, or traditional theaters such as KABUKI or NOH, but except Tea Ceremony and Wedding ceremony.

I have 3 KIMONOs of SHŌZAN NAMA TSUMUGI and put some photos of them in my Gallery Pages.

You will find some guides of coordination using this KIMONO and suitable accessories there!



After having lunch in this fabulous restaurant, we visited “TO-JI temple” that I mentioned one of my past articles and bought Buddhist charm called “GOJIBUTSU” as souvenirs.







It was one-day trip but a very fun time, seeing my clients enjoy and get satisfied :)