susanoWhen talking about IZUMO, there is another important deity called “SUSANŌ-NO-MIKOTO” which I mentioned in the past article.

SUSANŌ is one of the three noble gods called “SAN-KISHIN(三貴神)” that “IZANAGI-NO-MIKOTO (male god)” and “IZANAMI-NO-MIKOTO (female god)” gave birth to in Japanese mythology.

SUSANŌ was ordered to control the sea of “NE-NO-KATASU-KUNI (根の堅洲国)” (literally the world of roots) by his father IZANAGI, however he didn’t like the decision and brought violence and riots.
Finally he was expelled from the heaven and came down to IZUMO before going to the NE-NO-KATASU-KUNI. (some says the point to enter into the NE-NO-KATASU-KUNI was located in IZUMO area)

Here, let’s mention first about the relation between SUSANŌ and ŌKUNINUSHI, the enshrined deity of “IZUMO-TAISHA” (IZUMO Grand Shrine).
ŌKUNINUSHI is a son-in-law of SUSANŌ, yes he got married with a daughter of SUSANŌ called “SUSERI-HIME”.

At the time when ŌKUNINUSHI was nearly killed by his brothers full of hatred and jealousy of ŌKUNINUSHI, his mother recommended him to visit SUSANŌ who was controlling the NE-NO-KATASU-KUNI.

When meeting up with SUSANŌ who was with his beautiful daughter SUSERI-HIME, ŌKUNINUSHI immediately fell in love with her and proposed her.
However, SUSANŌ didn’t accept this marriage and harassed ŌKUNINUSHI a lot.

Amid so many troubles that SUHSANŌ made for ŌKUNINUSHI, SUSERI-HIME helped his future husband a lot and eventually, they ran away from the father hand in hand, there then, ŌKUNINUSHI took a SUSANŌ’s favorite sword, bow and harp.

Although SUSANŌ chased behind them until the border of under and above ground, he finally gave up shouting at the young couple,
Fight against your brothers with that sword and bow, hunt them down until the farthest of mountain and slaughter them, they are powerful weapons enough to do it!”

Thus, ŌKUNINUSHI won his wife.
As you can see, IZUMO is a place which is also deeply related to SUSANŌ.



Together with the IZUMO-TAISHA, there is a shrine for SUSANŌ in this area, called “SOGANO-YASHIRO” which is silently located right behind IZUMO-TAISHA.

It is very humble and simple shrine unlike the unmanageable and powerful god SUSANŌ, however this is a well-known shrine only by selected ones know, a kind of hidden power spot. You will also feel very strong power being there.

in soganoyashiroWhen I visited IZUMO with my husband two years ago, we dropped by this shrine. Standing in front of it, and at the very moment of our prayer, we felt pure and fresh wind on the cheeks. It was very mysterious moment as other people around us also felt the same wind.

SOGANO-YASHIRO is not very popular and actually less people visit there, however I found myself very comfortable with the welcome sign by SUSANŌ, which was unspeakable joy for me.

Why don’t you too visit there and experience the power when visiting IZUMO-TAISHA?