Let’s continue discovering the IZUMO region!

In Japan, it is said that all the deities throughout Japan get together in IZUMO in October, so this month is called “KAMIARIZUKI(神在月)” (literally, a month when deities are around).

Why do the deities gather together in IZUMO in October?


KAMUHAKAR meeting by deities

This is because there is a meeting called “KAMUHAKARI” held in IZUMO-TAISHA once a year.

It is said the deities decide all lines of human life which we never know in details during this meeting which lasts about a week.

All the karmas or fates including that of man and woman, of business, etc… are said to be decided here.

October 10th of the old calendar, at 7PM, an event called “KAMIMUKAE-SHINJI” (literally, a Shinto ritual to welcome the deities) is held at “INASA-NO-HAMA beach” which is a place of the story of “KUNIYUZURI” (transfer of the land by ŌKUNINUSHI mentioned in the last article).



During the ritual, the deities invited in “HIMOROGI” (a fence covered by silk cloth) are taken to shrine called “JŪKUSHA” of IZUMO-TAISHA. The deities are said to stay in this shrines during the meeting.
In order for this meeting to go on well without causing any mistakes, the residents around IZUMO-TAISHA try to be silent as possible as they could by reducing the volume of TV or by refraining from using a vacuum cleaner in a room which faces the IZUMO-TAISHA.












The consideration by these local people are very Japanese I think. This will be a mind-set of OMOTENASHI of YAMATO GOKORO.

In the final day of the meeting, the deities are again surrounded by HIMOROGI and move from the JŪKUSHA shrine to the front shrine of IZUMO-TAISHA. There Shinto priests recite a prayer and then giving a signal saying “OTACHI~, OTACHI~” (literally, “departure”), the deities leave from IZUMO and return to the shrines all over Japan where they are usually enshrined.

After that, the Shinto priest perform another ritual to report that all the deities left to ŌKUNINUSHI who is the main deity enshrined in the IZUMO-TAISHA 

Now, why is the once-a-year meeting by all the deities held in IZUMO?

I was told that when the ŌKUNINUSHI gave up the IZUMO region, he said AMATERASU “While your grandson will govern this region from now on, I will manage all the hidden matter”.

This “hidden matter” is said to be “generating ties/relationship between people”, and to do so, he needs to invite all the deities to decide the details by holding a meeting…

This is why the IZUMO-TAISH is famous as a shrine of matchmaking today.

By the way, October is called “KANNAZUKI (神無月)” in other area of Japan. It literally means “a month when deities are absent”.
Yes, since all the deities are on business trip to IZUMO during this month!