Hi everyone.

Recently, I had a very sad experience.

My cat Ronald passed away after supporting me for more than 10 years.

15 years ago, when we opened a new kimono shop in TOCHIGI in addition to the main shop in YOKOHAMA, I was going back and forth between these 2 cities.

However since the number of customers in TOCHIGI increased gradually, I started to spend more time in TOCHIGI, and my husband in YOKOHAMA.

Although I was fine during daytime thanks to my work, in the night, the house is so silent that I was feeling loneliness stronger and stronger.


Ronald (Ron)

Milk (Miku)

It was such time that I met my beloved cats “Ronald” and “Milk”.

They are brother and sister of “Ragdoll“.
I called them “Ron” and “Miku” by their nicknames and they made my life happy and healed my loneliness.


Ron was older than Miku and a bit shy boy, not frisky.
He looked embarrassed even when he was kneading (An activity common to all cats even matured. They push the surface on which they are standing with their front paws trying to feed on their mother’s teat).

Ron 2When he wanted to get my attention, he rolled around at a distance as much as to say “look at me!”
I got closer and rubbed him, then he gave a contented purr with his eyes narrowed.

I was believing that such life would last forever.

However last summer, he started vomiting quite often and was diagnosed with “Reflux esophagitis”.
The medication didn’t work very well, his condition got better and worse for long time.

Around mid-August this year, I realized that he was not drinking enough, so took him to the hospital right away. The doctor said that he was dehydrated and put Ron on drip to hydrate.

Ron 3By continuous vomiting, he ate less and less and lost half of his weight (from 7.5 kg to finally 3.7 kg in the beginning of October).

I was trying to feed him somehow by reducing his preferred dry foods to powder or by changing it to liquid foods, but all these efforts were in vain and he was diagnosed in “acute myelogenous leukemia”.


On October 5, he got intravenous feeding which took 8 hours.

On October 6, I was with him all the day long. His sister Miku also looked worried coming closer to him from time to time.

At around 11:00 pm, I went to bed beside him but soon after that, I heard his groans and jumped out of bed and checked if he was still breathing.

He was still breathing at that time but I asked my husband to come to see just in case.

Then, in a moment, his tongue was put out of the mouth.
Ron 4I called his name again and again…but he didn’t breathe again.


Ron, I thank you for being my family for such a long time, 12 years and 9 months.

You were essential to me.

You are all right now.


Again, thank you so much.