This time, let me introduce “KIMONO coat”.

michiyuki coat


KIMONO coat is important to go out during cold winter season and it can be worn in both formal and casual occasions just like a western overcoat.

When you put it on top of a formal HŌMONGI, choose an appropriate designs such as of color gradation or with noble cloth texture.

To wear it over a casual KIMONO like KOMON or TSUMUGI, one with pattern or paint of playful mind will be cool.



In KIMONO coats, there are mainly two types: “MICHIYUKI coat” and “DŌCHŪGI”.

They are different in the shapes.
MICHIYUKI coat has a square neckline and is considered to be higher than DŌCHŪGI in status.

DŌCHŪGI has cross-over style in its front similar to the KIMONO itself and is more popular these days because once you get a simple one of it, you can use it regardless of whether with formal HŌMONGI or casual TSUMUGI.

coat varietyAs you can see the picture above, there are other styles in the KIMONO coat than MICHIYUKI and DŌCHŪGI.

By the way, there is a KIMONO coat which is worn from spring to the beginning of summer in order to prevent KIMONO itself from being dusty.
This type of KIMONO coat is made of firm and see-through type silk fabric called “USU-OMESHI” that resembles organdy.

Similar to western clothing, there is a trend in KIMONO world though it is not changed every year.

So, HAORIs or KIMONO coats are becoming more and more fashionable using new fabric or design which were never seen before.

In any case, it is important to choose one which doesn’t disturb the KIMONO itself that you dress inside.