For Japanese KIMONO, a sense of the seasons is very important.



In June and September, we wear “HITOE”, a type of KIMONO which has no lining.




In July and August, we wear ”USUMONO”, a see-through type of KIMONO.






For other months, between October and May, we have a type of KIMONO which has a lining called “AWASE”.




As you can see, KIMONO is strictly classified depending on each season, and sometimes it looks too stiff and formal.

However we tend to rather enjoy this formality when dressing up in KIMONOs.

By the way, we Japanese don’t put on KIMONO every day.
We usually wear western clothes such as shirts, skirts or pants in our daily life.
Only for special events like participating in celebrations, parties, weddings or to appreciate arts, we dress up ourselves by KIMONOs and enjoy the special moments.