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Entering into raining seasons in Japan, the roses in my garden look very sad crying by heavy rains every day, however when it comes to “AJISAI” (Japanese Hydrangea), rain is a good thing to increase its charm. Changing its petal color from blue to purple, AJISAI attracts many people always in this season every year.article 001 photo

Compared to Japanese Hydrangeas which are relatively simple and less colorful, Western Hydrangeas have more pink and red colors in petals and they are larger in size.

It is said that Japanese Hydrangeas were brought to Europe via China in late 18th century and as a consequence of continually repeated selective breeding in European countries such as France, Netherland and Germany, 400-500 new species of Hydrangeas were created in early 20th century and came back to their homeland: Japan.

Japanese Hydrangeas and Western Hydrangeas, focusing on the difference in their flowers, colors and sizes, you may also understand the cross-cultural difference in the element of BEAUTY.

article 001 4I think Japanese Hydrangeas are suitable for a Japanese room floored by TATAMI mattress while Western Hydrangeas are a good matching with Western spacious living room.

Anyways, now looking at my garden, while the buds of AJISAI is not opened yet, as you can see, the flowers of American Hydrangeas are in full bloom!article 001 photo4